Chocolate and tea pairings

Isn’t it surprising just how divine a pairing of tea and chocolate can be? That may just be one of our many excuses to inhale them both at once, but now that you are here, why don’t you let us walk you through the art of tea and chocolate matching?Read on to check out what brews you can pair your favourite chocolates with and be prepared to bring your next snacking session up to a new all-time high. Milk chocolate First on the list is the ever-popular crowd favourite: Milk chocolate. Made from the main ingredients of cocoa bean, milk, sugar and cocoa butter, this variation has different levels of sweetness depending on the brand or type and pairs well with teas with a dash of cream. Pair with: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chai  The aroma of the chocolate perfectly complements the richness of milky black teas, striking a perfect balance on the palate to provide a well-rounded taste experience.

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