How To Make The Perfect Coffee At Home

Nothing gives us the (non-alcoholic) liquid courage to confront the daily drudgery like coffee. But when our brew doesn’t come right – that weak body, underscored by a note a little too astringent or bitter – can antagonise us like an assignment gone awry. Rather than deliberating over lackluster coffees or expensive delivery fees during the WFH period, our resident coffee cognoscenti at team teapasar decided to take matters into her own hands and learned how to make the perfect cup at home. Besides, who knows your preferences better than yourself? Here is a definitive guide we have put together. You can add ‘professional barista’ to your resume after you follow these steps and get them down pat: Be well equipped Before we get into action, we need the appropriate ware – so that good beans don’t go down the drain. You will need these: • Grinder – The general rule of thumb is to grind your own coffee beans

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Your Father’s Day Gift Guide

Painful #dadjokes aside, it is tough being a father. The stress and attrition of time can cause his clogs in his body to run slower. (To be honest, the wilful indulgence in beers and cholesterol-heavy food isn’t helping.) That compounded with aging also brings about a host of health-related issues. Besides the repeat offenders, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and prostate cancer that will start to plague the middle-age men – a grim reckoning brought on by our careless lifestyle choices – there is also andropause, the male variant of menopause (we are not kidding). To sum it up, men have their set of woes too. But all is not lost, there are always health boosters to help him get ahead before any of those ailments catch him off guard. Here are some of the elixirs to help the men in our lives to get back to peak performance. Ginger Traditionally used in Asian medicine, the benefits of ginger

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How To Grow Your Own Veg (Even If You Don’t Have A Garden)

We heard (and felt!) a collective sigh as recent restrictions were announced, and now we’re back to the drawing board on how to stay positive amidst this doom and gloom. Our Netflix watchlist can only keep our attention for so long! If we have learnt anything from the previous lockdown, it is that we all have some secret skills to unlock when prodded. We feel that adding some plants to your living space ticks all the right boxes – beautify your house with some (green) roommates, and boast the pedigree of freshly grown veg before you whip them into proud meals. There is that extra gratification of getting your hands dirty and watching your green baby bear fruits. It is also much more low-maintenance than you think: your inaugural mini-garden only needs a sunny indoor windowsill and sporadical attention. You can also use your leftover tea leaves as fertiliser to boot – we would like to encourage you to go

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Tea Ceremony

As most of us have returned to pre-circuit breaker normalcy, remember to etch pockets of your day to recharge. We are not recommending that you isolate yourself, but there are many meaningful ways to reset your spiritual compass, with our without company. Consider a tea ceremony, where you can let the good vibes roll without banal small talk or extravagant bites. The main course here is awareness, introspection, and connectedness with yourself and the people around you, complemented with a good brew of tea. The ritual is simple: Gather a group of friends and your favorite collection of teawares in a comfortable place to nestle in. Set the mood to your discretion: it could be the woody notes of your incense softened by lavender or your favorite meditation playlist. Prepare spring water – using distilled water would result in a “flat” brew – to a soft simmer at the suitable temperature for the tea of your choice. Commence by deciding

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