teapasar Reads: Our book recommendation to keep you WOKE

Today, it’s difficult to go through a day without reading about political stressors, social rights injustices, humanitarian crises, and of course – the pandemic. Whatever your stance may be, the following books highlight various perspectives of important discourses, in an easily digestible manner so we’re not lost after the first page. Here are just a handful of our favourites, and remember to put that water to a boil for the perfect afternoon me-time with your favourite tea. Share your favourites with us, and we’d be happy to include it in this list! The Trial Author: Franz Kafka Summary: Josef K., a dignified bank officer, wakes up on the morning of his thirtieth birthday to find himself arrested for no reasonable cause. Through the use of seductive storytelling, Kafka leads K. into an endless maze of dead-ends as he struggles to reach out to the invisible yet ever-present authority for a chance of closure. Why read it: Admittedly, ‘The Trial; is

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TEA-RAPY READ: A Guide On How To Socialise again

For the introvert who requires a lot of time alone to regain energy, the previous months of limited social interaction during the early circuit breaker has been like a respite of sorts, ridding us of the awkwardness of desynchronized face-to-face conversations and the attendant withering regret that will haunt us before we go to bed. Alas, as we begin to enter the third week of phase two, more of us will eventually be going back to familiar social spheres — family dinners, business meetings, date nights, etc. This feeling of seeing people in the flesh is undeniably a welcome relief from zoom fatigue and extended on-screen time, especially so for most of our extroverted friends who have been counting down since phase one. However, for those who enjoy the sweetness of solitude or lost touch with in-person communication, as the end of the social restrictions looms near, they are – unfortunately – besieged by the pressure of relearning how to

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