Bon Appétea: Snow Fungus and Apple Soup

  Our quick recipe for a nourishing afternoon pick-me-up, by adding a potpourri of traditional Chinese ingredients to a premium blend like , elevating the tea with the natural sweetness of added fruit. Not to mention the health-boosting benefits of this concoction – helping to regulate body heat, moisten the respiratory systems, and charge the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties.   Ingredients   Dried snow fungus, 25g Water, 6 cups Asian pear/apple, 1 Dried goji berries, 15g  Infusion-de-vie’s Rejoice Chrysanthemum Buds and High-mountain Green Tea (Click to shop)     Instructions   You will need to prepare the dried snow fungus in advance. After soaking them for 3 hours to re-hydrate, trim away the tough yellow root portion and tear the snow fungus into smaller pieces. Steep a spoonful of Infusion-de-vie’s Refine at 90 degrees Celcius water in a thick-bottomed pot for 3 mins. Bring to a boil and simmer the snow fungus, bite-sized apples, goji berries, lotus seeds with

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TEA-RAPY READ: A Guide On How To Socialise again

For the introvert who requires a lot of time alone to regain energy, the previous months of limited social interaction during the early circuit breaker has been like a respite of sorts, ridding us of the awkwardness of desynchronized face-to-face conversations and the attendant withering regret that will haunt us before we go to bed. Alas, as we begin to enter the third week of phase two, more of us will eventually be going back to familiar social spheres — family dinners, business meetings, date nights, etc. This feeling of seeing people in the flesh is undeniably a welcome relief from zoom fatigue and extended on-screen time, especially so for most of our extroverted friends who have been counting down since phase one. However, for those who enjoy the sweetness of solitude or lost touch with in-person communication, as the end of the social restrictions looms near, they are – unfortunately – besieged by the pressure of relearning how to

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TEA IS FOR TRAVEL: platform.

WHERE: platform., Singapore Sometimes a new experience can be just a stone’s throw away. Sequestered in the bustle of Singapore’s CBD, platform. – a drink studio – is a comforting pocket of quietude for the souls who enjoy the sweetness of solitude and a fine brew. In the day, the cream white of platform.‘s interior is illuminated by natural light flooding in, providing the perfect backdrop for your #aesthetic snap. By night, the space transforms and gives off a different kind of energy that makes you want to hit pause on life and linger there with its soft ambient lighting and the buzz from their delicious concoctions. Nothing about the place is an afterthought: from the distinctly minimalist furnishing to the carefully curated menu of cocktails and light bites. Recognized as one of the top new bars in 2019, platform. serves up enticing cocktails that combine the layered flavor of tea and the intoxicating allure of alcohol in innovative ways

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Bon Appétea: Your exquisite guide to tea and chocolate pairing

This is our version of an idyllic afternoon break: to be comfortably ensconced with a warm cup of fine loose-leaf tea, sipping, and then savoring a small bite of chocolate as it melts on your tongue like velvet. There is an art to chocolate and tea pairing, though. The chemistry between them happens between their many similar characteristics, from floral, fruity or nutty aromas through to levels of astringency. After a few careful tastings, we have come up with a guide for your next delectation. Matcha + White Chocolate Matcha has a deep umami character that carries the creamy and sweet quality of white chocolate very well, which makes it a familiar marriage in confections. We recommend pairing it with an exotic choice like Fossa Chocolate’s White Sesame & Seaweed Blond instead. This luscious bar’s savouriness from roasted white sesame seeds and dried seaweed adds a depth to the tasting notes of a premium matcha.     Black Tea +

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TEA-RAPY READ: How to find your Ikigai and navigate through life

5 MINUTES READ Aren’t we all glad to finally see the light at the end of the circuit breaker? Some of us came out as newly-minted masterchefs, or at least with a fresh new outlook on life. But for some of us who could not adjust to the disrupted life rhythm on top of being socially marooned from friends, we struggle to feel motivated. Well, we can relate. During the course of the circuit breaker, the teapasar team learned to take stock about life through “ikigai” (pronounced Ick-ee-guy). In Japan, millions of people practice this time-honoured concept – it is the philosophical battery powering them through their daily grind to find fulfilment between the cross-section of their values, things they like to do, what they can get paid for, and things they are good at. Those are the questions worth ruminating while sipping a good cup of sencha. Shop: Organic Sencha Green Tea (80g loose leaf), Chill Tea Tokyo, $57.80

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