TEA IS FOR TRAVEL: Esora Restaurant

WHERE: Esora Restaurant, Singapore Nestled inside a heritage shophouse, Esora Restaurant is a Japanese kappo-style fine dining restaurant. Translated to mean “cut and cook”, the Kappo affair comprises the chef concocting a multi-course meal in front of diners for them to witness and admire an intimate culinary process. Furnished with pale minimalist decor and blonde wood finishings reminiscent of Japanese paper screen doors, patrons can immerse themselves in the modern Zen of this quaint setting. Chef-owner Shigeru Koizumi’s forte resides in his intimate attention to detail – with a distinctively light palate, his cooking techniques often deliver a deep sense of tranquillity and relaxation to his diners. Bask in the ultimate Esora experience with the most comforting food on their menu: the ochazuke – a simple dish featuring a bowl of steamed rice partially steeped in hot tea or savoury dashi. Usually served as a heartening end to a meal, this Japanese classic is well-loved and thoughtfully prepared at Esora.

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Bon Appétea: Sesame Mochi Hojicha Cookies

Introducing a distinctly Asian twist to your typical cookie recipes, team teapasar is here to challenge your culinary skills with some delicious Sesame Mochi Hojicha cookies! Crisp and smokey on the outside but sweet and gooey on the inside, this delicious dessert stars all the quintessential Japanese ingredients that creates a tantalizing mix of flavors in every bite.   Using Tea House Tokunaga Organic Hojicha to make the cookie coating, the tea’s signature roasted earthy flavors are contrasted with the nutty sweetness of black sesame in the mochi filling. This creates a wonderful contrast in texture and taste, and when complemented with a good cup of tea, we are pretty sure you will be all set for a gratifying time of relaxation. If you are wondering about what to read in that time, you can check out the previous blog articles on some of our book recommendations! And if you aren’t in a hurry, do leave a comment below to let

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