Bon Appétea: Sesame Mochi Hojicha Cookies

Introducing a distinctly Asian twist to your typical cookie recipes, team teapasar is here to challenge your culinary skills with some delicious Sesame Mochi Hojicha cookies! Crisp and smokey on the outside but sweet and gooey on the inside, this delicious dessert stars all the quintessential Japanese ingredients that creates a tantalizing mix of flavors in every bite.   Using Tea House Tokunaga Organic Hojicha to make the cookie coating, the tea’s signature roasted earthy flavors are contrasted with the nutty sweetness of black sesame in the mochi filling. This creates a wonderful contrast in texture and taste, and when complemented with a good cup of tea, we are pretty sure you will be all set for a gratifying time of relaxation. If you are wondering about what to read in that time, you can check out the previous blog articles on some of our book recommendations! And if you aren’t in a hurry, do leave a comment below to let

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teapasar lifestyle: Spooky Screens

If you are done reading the books we recommended earlier last week, we are sure you must be itching for some more of that spooky adrenaline!Never one to disappoint, team teapasar has summoned the last of our courage to put together another list. This time it is something you can enjoy with some (human) company – HORROR FILMS! From Asian classics to sophisticated psycho-thrillers, these three films will get you pumped for Halloween and have you reeling from the thrill.Come on now, don’t be scared…scroll along and get your popcorn ready for a jittery movie night in! Shutter (2004)Starting our list of reccs with one of the most famous Thai horror movie, Shutter, this film encapsulates everything to be desired in a good chilling film; great plot, realistic acting, psycho-stalker ghost haunts, jump scares and the lingering fear of the spirit coming into our world. Shutter starts out with a young couple getting into a hit and run accident where

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teapasar lifestyle: Books for Halloween

IT by Stephen King Directly confronting our deep-seated childhood fear of clowns, IT is the brilliant masterpiece by popular horror genius Stephen King. With a framework built on haunting and eerie clowns, IT capture not just the horror aspect but also the experience of being a kid in an adult’s world where there is an element of danger lurking almost everywhere. Follow along the seductive storytelling as a group of childhood friends find themselves spiralling into the terrifying realm of a vile clown and eventual face their fight for survival against the heinousness villain. Expect not just pure appalling darkness but also the unity of friendship with some occasional sprinkles of childhood innocence. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Possibly the most classic tale of fear for the unknown, Frankenstein is a literary masterpiece crafted by the then 19-year-old Mary Shelley which also begun the science-fiction genre. With countless of renditions and parodies produced across the years, the original Frankenstein remains the

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