teapasar’s Guide to Maskne, the new acne

In our ‘new normal’, wearing a face mask has become an essential part of our quotidian routine. If smothering ourselves in this humid climate isn’t exasperating enough, we still have to deal with the side effect that has been becoming another epidemic of its own – Maskne, acne and irritation provoked by wearing a mask. It is the grime, oil, and sweat trapped for prolonged hours underneath, compounded with the heat and friction that triggers something called acne mechanica, making your skin a hotbed for breakouts. Don’t hold your breath, there’s more to this facer – on top of clogged pores, it also means the attrition of your skin barrier, the microscopic layer of protective oils and fats that keep bacteria at bay and hydration under your dermis on tap. Imagine having the power supply of your skin curtailed and left vulnerable. Yikes. Do we have a choice? The answer is yes! There are ways to prevent and treat, so

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Bon Appétea: Snow Fungus and Apple Soup

  Our quick recipe for a nourishing afternoon pick-me-up, by adding a potpourri of traditional Chinese ingredients to a premium blend like , elevating the tea with the natural sweetness of added fruit. Not to mention the health-boosting benefits of this concoction – helping to regulate body heat, moisten the respiratory systems, and charge the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties.   Ingredients   Dried snow fungus, 25g Water, 6 cups Asian pear/apple, 1 Dried goji berries, 15g  Infusion-de-vie’s Rejoice Chrysanthemum Buds and High-mountain Green Tea (Click to shop)     Instructions   You will need to prepare the dried snow fungus in advance. After soaking them for 3 hours to re-hydrate, trim away the tough yellow root portion and tear the snow fungus into smaller pieces. Steep a spoonful of Infusion-de-vie’s Refine at 90 degrees Celcius water in a thick-bottomed pot for 3 mins. Bring to a boil and simmer the snow fungus, bite-sized apples, goji berries, lotus seeds with

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Bon Appétea: Your exquisite guide to tea and chocolate pairing

This is our version of an idyllic afternoon break: to be comfortably ensconced with a warm cup of fine loose-leaf tea, sipping, and then savoring a small bite of chocolate as it melts on your tongue like velvet. There is an art to chocolate and tea pairing, though. The chemistry between them happens between their many similar characteristics, from floral, fruity or nutty aromas through to levels of astringency. After a few careful tastings, we have come up with a guide for your next delectation. Matcha + White Chocolate Matcha has a deep umami character that carries the creamy and sweet quality of white chocolate very well, which makes it a familiar marriage in confections. We recommend pairing it with an exotic choice like Fossa Chocolate’s White Sesame & Seaweed Blond instead. This luscious bar’s savouriness from roasted white sesame seeds and dried seaweed adds a depth to the tasting notes of a premium matcha.     Black Tea +

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Bon Appétea: teapasar x Mixsense Petit Hojicha Bundt Cake

Nothing is as mouthwatering as this Petit Hojicha Bundt Cake with a moist buttermilk interior beneath a delectable crust, coated generously in Steeped Hojicha Icing. This special recipe is the icing on the cake as we celebrate the easing of the circuit breaker. Our first Bon-appe-tea collaboration stars Chef Tan Wei Shan (@weishantan @mixsenseprivatedining) – who has staged in various prestigious Michelin star restaurants, including Les Amis Restaurant. We hope to inspire new stay-at-home masterchefs in this new series to learn from the best and test their newly acquired culinary prowess. Ingredients (Steeped Hojicha Icing) Icing sugar, 125g Milk, 40g teapasar Collection, Summer 2019 Harvest Organic Hojicha, 10g Ingredients (Petit Hojicha Bundt Cake) Baking powder, 1/2 tsp Baking soda, 1/2 tsp Plain flour, 450g Salt, 1 tsp Vegetable oil, 115g Butter, melted 100g Eggs, 2 Sugar, 245g Plain yogurt or buttermilk, 250g Vanilla extract, 2 tsp teapasar Collection, Summer 2019 Harvest Organic Hojicha, 15g Instructions (Steeped Hojicha Icing) In a

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Bon Appétea: Black Tea Bombs

This is an easy recipe for the beginner home chef looking to add something new to their cooking routine – simply soak red potatoes in brewed tea and then give them a toss with aromatic herbs and spices of your choice. In this case, we used ginger and the traditional Chinese five-spice powder for the Asian palate. Ingredients 1/4 cup black tea leaves 2 pounds small red new potatoes 2 tablespoons of salt 2 tablespoons salted butter 4 slices fresh ginger 2 teaspoons Chinese five-spice powder 1 tablespoon mustard Juice from 1 large lemon 4 spring onions, thinly sliced Instructions Bring water to a rolling boil in a medium-size saucepan over medium-high heat. Turn off the heat and steep tea leaves for 3 minutes. Strain and return the tea water to the pan. Prepare and skin the potatoes well under running water. Place them in the tea water with 2 tablespoons of salt and bring the tea-water back to a

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