Bon Appétea: Ochazuke (Japanese Steeped Rice)

A tea-infused meal you can make at home with leftover ingredients? You got that right. Ochazuke will make for a light and well-balanced comfort food during inclement weather. Just choose your green tea of choice – genmaicha, unro, or hojicha – to pour over your steamy sushi rice and layer whatever proteins and greens you can find in your kitchen. Ingredients 2 cups warm sushi rice, divided Kosher salt 3 tablespoons neutral oil 1/4 cup white soy sauce or 3 tablespoons regular soy sauce 4 large eggs 10 ounces mature spinach, trimmed 1/2 cup green tea, such as hojicha, genmaicha, or unro. We recommend Hachimanjyu’s first flush organic green tea (click to shop) 6 scallions, dark-green parts only, very thinly sliced crosswise Pickled ginger, furikake seasoning or toasted sesame seeds, and shredded toasted nori (for serving) Instructions   Scoop 1/2 cup rice onto a clean surface. Dampen your hands in a small bowl of salted water (this will prevent the rice

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