Bon Appétea: Halloween Recipe

Get the Halloween party started early this October with our Spooky Berry Daiquiri and surprise your guests with this glass of fizzy fun that’s gotten a creepy lil upgrade – yummy eyeballs anyone? Featuring one of teapasar’s bestsellers, The 1972 Clipper Tea Co.’s Blissful Berries, this cocktail packs a punch of tangy sweetness from the tea, complementing beautifully with the intoxicating rum and zesty taste of the lemon sparkling water. To incorporate a generous dash of good ol’ Halloween spirit in this cocktail, squash some strawberries and make it extra “bloody” before adding those cute lychee-berry eyeballs as the final touch. For all the mummies and dad-culas, feel free to substitute rum with soda and let the little monsters have their go at making this berry delicious drink; perhaps their destructive talents may just increase the (mess) scare factor of the finished products! Spooky Berry Daiquiri (makes 4 glasses) Ingredients Cocktail 2 The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Blissful Berries teabags

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Bon Appétea: Lavender Oolong Herb Rub Pork Chop

Looking to bring your love for tea onto the dinner table? Try this swanky new porkchop recipe featuring The Tea Story’s Lavender Parfait tea that is available on teapasar’s website. Tender, juicy and so very flavourful, the tea tannin in the marinate are responsible for softening the meat while sealing in the goodness of its natural flavour, giving it a smoky aftertaste with every bite. All wrapped up in the tea herb rub, the richness of the tea is fused with a light sweetness from the brown sugar, which gifts the seared crust of the pork chop an umami crunch that never fails to appeal. Pair this alluring Lavender Oolong herb rub pork chop with a simple salad and a bowl of steaming hot rice and you’ve got yourself a perfectly comforting meal to complement the sudden rainy season we are experiencing in Singapore. Thank us once you’ve tried this out! Ingredients 2 pork chops  4 The Tea Story Lavender

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Bon Appétea: Oolong milk tea with chia seed pudding

What is milky, aromatic, chewy and absolutely addictive? If you guessed bubble tea, then you’re halfway there, because this here is team teapasar’s very own version of the well-loved drink – Oolong milk tea with chia seed pudding! With this fuss-free milk tea recipe, you can now toss your worries about additives and flavours aside, because everything is 100% au naturel and extra fragrant with the inclusion of The Tea Crafters’ best-selling Milky Oolong tea. To complement this creamy base, we have a delicious chia seed pudding that satisfies your boba cravings sans the sugar. Ingredients 3 The Tea Crafters Milky Oolong teabags  2 cup water 3 tbsp chia seeds 4 tbsp condensed milk 1/2 cup milk 1 tsp vanilla essence Method Mix chia seeds with condensed milk, milk and vanilla essence in a bowl. Stir well, cover and refrigerate for at least an hour. Steep the teabags in hot water for 10 minutes then remove teabags and let cool.

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Bon Appétea: Orange Rooibos Cream Scones

In celebration of Afternoon Tea Week, we are whipping up a storm in the kitchen to make some brew-tiful Orange Rooibos Cream Scones, satisfying all our fancy tea-party fantasies in the comfort of home. Gently enveloped in the subtle aroma of tea and herbs, these scones are equal parts challenging and satisfying to make. But rest assured that after a taste of our special recipe, you’d definitely be itching to make another batch of this creamy, crumbly and devastatingly delicious pastry. (In this case, sharing is optional) Ingredients Scone 3 Kindred Teas Rooibos Orange teabags 2 cup plain flour 1 cup heavy cream 3/4 cup milk 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 tbsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla essence Glaze 1 cup icing sugar 1 tbsp milk 2 tbsp orange juice orange zest, to garnish Method Heat up heavy cream and milk in a pot. Remove from heat just before it boils and steep

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Bon Appétea: Herbal Citrus Spritzer

As the second recipe for our National Day special featuring Infusion-de-vie’s Recover tea blend, things are kept clean and simple for teapasar’s very own Herbal Citrus Spritzer which requires only a few ingredients and steps that are easily modified to suit your tastes. A light and refreshing concoction with a subtle tinge of floral, this drink is a charming fusion of tea’s goodness and the alluring effects of alcohol. Although it bears the fruity aroma and warm golden colour that is reminiscent of the classic Long island tea, this cocktail is lighter on the booze and richer with the umami flavour of herbal tea, making it a great appetizing drink for any gatherings you may be planning to host over the long weekends! Ingredients 1 Infusion-de-vie Recover teabag  330ml sparkling wine or cider  150ml hot water 2 tbsp honey 1 tsp lemon juice mint leaf, for garnish lemon slice, for garnish Method Empty contents of teabag and steep in hot

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