teapasar lifestyle: Books for Halloween

IT by Stephen King Directly confronting our deep-seated childhood fear of clowns, IT is the brilliant masterpiece by popular horror genius Stephen King. With a framework built on haunting and eerie clowns, IT capture not just the horror aspect but also the experience of being a kid in an adult’s world where there is an element of danger lurking almost everywhere. Follow along the seductive storytelling as a group of childhood friends find themselves spiralling into the terrifying realm of a vile clown and eventual face their fight for survival against the heinousness villain. Expect not just pure appalling darkness but also the unity of friendship with some occasional sprinkles of childhood innocence. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Possibly the most classic tale of fear for the unknown, Frankenstein is a literary masterpiece crafted by the then 19-year-old Mary Shelley which also begun the science-fiction genre. With countless of renditions and parodies produced across the years, the original Frankenstein remains the

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Bon Appétea: Halloween Recipe

Get the Halloween party started early this October with our Spooky Berry Daiquiri and surprise your guests with this glass of fizzy fun that’s gotten a creepy lil upgrade – yummy eyeballs anyone? Featuring one of teapasar’s bestsellers, The 1972 Clipper Tea Co.’s Blissful Berries, this cocktail packs a punch of tangy sweetness from the tea, complementing beautifully with the intoxicating rum and zesty taste of the lemon sparkling water. To incorporate a generous dash of good ol’ Halloween spirit in this cocktail, squash some strawberries and make it extra “bloody” before adding those cute lychee-berry eyeballs as the final touch. For all the mummies and dad-culas, feel free to substitute rum with soda and let the little monsters have their go at making this berry delicious drink; perhaps their destructive talents may just increase the (mess) scare factor of the finished products! Spooky Berry Daiquiri (makes 4 glasses) Ingredients Cocktail 2 The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Blissful Berries teabags

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Chocolate and tea pairings

Isn’t it surprising just how divine a pairing of tea and chocolate can be? That may just be one of our many excuses to inhale them both at once, but now that you are here, why don’t you let us walk you through the art of tea and chocolate matching?Read on to check out what brews you can pair your favourite chocolates with and be prepared to bring your next snacking session up to a new all-time high. Milk chocolate First on the list is the ever-popular crowd favourite: Milk chocolate. Made from the main ingredients of cocoa bean, milk, sugar and cocoa butter, this variation has different levels of sweetness depending on the brand or type and pairs well with teas with a dash of cream. Pair with: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chai  The aroma of the chocolate perfectly complements the richness of milky black teas, striking a perfect balance on the palate to provide a well-rounded taste experience.

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teapasar lifestyle: Myths of Mid-autumn festival

Falling on the 15th day of the eighth month in Chinese Lunar Calendar, the Mid-autumn Festival also known as 中秋节 in Mandarin is an iconic Chinese celebration that is observed in many Asian countries. Although it started out as a festival in celebration of a bountiful post-autumn harvest, with the passage of time, this ancient Chinese tradition of throwing grand feasts and offering sacrifices to worship the moon has morphed into an important day of familial gatherings for the modern Chinese. On this night when the moon is at its fullest and brightest, the sight of the full moon becomes a special symbol of auspicious reunion as people reconnect with their family and friends for a night of good food and celebrations. Given the long history of the Mid-autumn Festival (which easily spans over thousands of years), discussions of its historical origins and the moon worshiping tradition is never done without mentions of the colourful legends associated with this beautiful

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Bon Appétea: Lavender Oolong Herb Rub Pork Chop

Looking to bring your love for tea onto the dinner table? Try this swanky new porkchop recipe featuring The Tea Story’s Lavender Parfait tea that is available on teapasar’s website. Tender, juicy and so very flavourful, the tea tannin in the marinate are responsible for softening the meat while sealing in the goodness of its natural flavour, giving it a smoky aftertaste with every bite. All wrapped up in the tea herb rub, the richness of the tea is fused with a light sweetness from the brown sugar, which gifts the seared crust of the pork chop an umami crunch that never fails to appeal. Pair this alluring Lavender Oolong herb rub pork chop with a simple salad and a bowl of steaming hot rice and you’ve got yourself a perfectly comforting meal to complement the sudden rainy season we are experiencing in Singapore. Thank us once you’ve tried this out! Ingredients 2 pork chops  4 The Tea Story Lavender

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