Finding Rest Amidst a Pandemic

What does it take to slow down and unwind from a day’s work of hustle? In a season where boundaries for work and personal space become conflated, it may be a challenge for us to fully unplug from our day’s work without feeling the need to draft the following day’s email, or continue working on an upcoming presentation deck (‘one more edit!’). At the other end of the spectrum, our days may be characterised by a foggy sense of unmotivation, a reduced ability to focus on our work – a state of ‘languishing’ that displaces our capacity to fully immerse in our work with an interminable feeling of listlessness.

Finding a middle ground between having packed schedules and mindlessly switching tasks every few minutes could start with the idea of setting boundaries on the time we have by ‘treating uninterrupted blocks of time as treasures to guard’ as proposed by psychologist Adam Grant.  

At teapasar, carving out a pocket of time could look like unwinding with a simple spa session before the day ends – with a no frills hair rinse and foot bath to physically rejuvenate the body with some uninterrupted time.

Black Tea Hair Rinse

Tea rinses provide a natural remedy in caring for the scalp and hair, with little technique and almost no cost required. The nutrients and compounds found in black teas work towards strengthening hair follicles to reduce hair shedding, as well as regulating the amount of oil produced by the scalp by balancing pH levels

Directions: Brew three to five tea bags with two cups of hot water and cool to room temperature, massaging it into the hair and scalp after washing with shampoo and towelling dry lightly so that your hair is still damp. Cover with a plastic cap for 30 minutes and rinse with cold water to complete the hair rinse.

Known for its silky smooth, firm finish with a gentle wobble, it may be a little challenging to achieve the perfect consistency on your first try. However, with team teapasar’s breezy recipe and ratio, you could effortlessly get that right texture and wobble for the perfect panna cotta.

Foot Bath

Although it may seem frivolous, a foot bath provides relief for weary feet through soothing sore muscles and softening calluses after a day of toil. Directions: Prepare the foot bath with a basin of warm water, adding 1-3 tablespoons of epsom salt or apple cider vinegar for 10 to 15 minutes. This foot bath serves as a balm for dry, cracked heels and eases muscle tension or cramps accumulated over the week.

While this may feel like a tiny ripple in getting ourselves out of a rut or untangling ourselves from the mental and emotional load of a day’s labour, it is but a step that reminds us to practice seeing rest and work as complementary rhythms in our lives, and to live from a place of rest. 

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