Your Father’s Day Gift Guide

Painful #dadjokes aside, it is tough being a father. The stress and attrition of time can cause his clogs in his body to run slower. (To be honest, the wilful indulgence in beers and cholesterol-heavy food isn’t helping.) That compounded with aging also brings about a host of health-related issues. Besides the repeat offenders, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and prostate cancer that will start to plague the middle-age men – a grim reckoning brought on by our careless lifestyle choices – there is also andropause, the male variant of menopause (we are not kidding).

To sum it up, men have their set of woes too. But all is not lost, there are always health boosters to help him get ahead before any of those ailments catch him off guard. Here are some of the elixirs to help the men in our lives to get back to peak performance.


Traditionally used in Asian medicine, the benefits of ginger are not just old lore. Research has found that ginger root, which is charged with potassium and manganese content, can maintain blood circulation, muscle, and nerve function. It is a quick antidote to anxiety and sleep problems.

Green Tea

Green tea’s potency in antioxidants and catechins (for the most part, EGCG) is scientifically proven in studies to significantly subdue prostate-specific antigen (PSA), thus lowering the risk of prostate cancer. Its fat oxidation properties also make it an ideal brew for weight loss.

Hibiscus Tea

This is an effective brew to sedate the distressed man. A study conducted by Tufts University proved that a few cups of hibiscus tea can help take the edge off and lower blood pressure by seven points, therefore reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack.


Rooibos antioxidant-rich properties mitigate oxidative stress, the chief antagonist which causes degenerative problems at a cellular level on a variety of body tissues. It also encourages blood circulation, and by dint of that, moderates blood pressure.

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