Tea Ceremony

As most of us have returned to pre-circuit breaker normalcy, remember to etch pockets of your day to recharge. We are not recommending that you isolate yourself, but there are many meaningful ways to reset your spiritual compass, with our without company.

Consider a tea ceremony, where you can let the good vibes roll without banal small talk or extravagant bites. The main course here is awareness, introspection, and connectedness with yourself and the people around you, complemented with a good brew of tea.

The ritual is simple:

Gather a group of friends and your favorite collection of teawares in a comfortable place to nestle in.

Set the mood to your discretion: it could be the woody notes of your incense softened by lavender or your favorite meditation playlist.

Prepare spring water – using distilled water would result in a “flat” brew – to a soft simmer at the suitable temperature for the tea of your choice.

Commence by deciding on the theme of the meditation with your friends and then sit in stillness for 20-30 minutes. At the end of your meditation, use a chime to signal an interlude and let the shared energy permeates while you enjoy the tea.

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