teapasar lifestyle: Spooky Screens

If you are done reading the books we recommended earlier last week, we are sure you must be itching for some more of that spooky adrenaline!
Never one to disappoint, team teapasar has summoned the last of our courage to put together another list. This time it is something you can enjoy with some (human) company – HORROR FILMS!

From Asian classics to sophisticated psycho-thrillers, these three films will get you pumped for Halloween and have you reeling from the thrill.
Come on now, don’t be scared…scroll along and get your popcorn ready for a jittery movie night in!


Shutter (2004)
Starting our list of reccs with one of the most famous Thai horror movie, Shutter, this film encapsulates everything to be desired in a good chilling film; great plot, realistic acting, psycho-stalker ghost haunts, jump scares and the lingering fear of the spirit coming into our world. Shutter starts out with a young couple getting into a hit and run accident where the vengeful ghost of the deceased comes back with a purpose to uncover a shocking secret (and of course traumatise everyone who has wronged her). Be prepared for discomforting images and some alternative explanations for that strange sore on your shoulder.


Midsommar (2019)
Beautiful, bright and flooded in images of flowers and sunlight, Midsommar seems to be an unlikely contender in the category of horror. However, as much as it is aesthetically pleasing, the plot and development of this utopian holiday dreamland soon descends into an experience of extremely disturbing folk horror where outsiders visit a foreign place and start disappearing in pagan rituals. For the existentialist, this film highlights the inescapable and brutish force of existence where the next best thing to do might be committing philosophical suicide and join the mad, smiling through the savagery of it all.


Us (2019)
A tale about doppelgangers and social binaries that separate, Us details the tribulations of a family as they return to the hometown of Adelaide Wilson. Haunted by a traumatic experience, the film captures her fear for the space and the memories that follow in astoundingly haunting visuals and an immersive score that will get you hooked. When the fight for survival begins with the arrival of four masked strangers at their house, no one is spared from the screaming and heart-stopping action. Ending off the astounding performance with a mysterious ambiguity, this horror-thriller is not one to be missed!

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