Chocolate and tea pairings

Isn’t it surprising just how divine a pairing of tea and chocolate can be? That may just be one of our many excuses to inhale them both at once, but now that you are here, why don’t you let us walk you through the art of tea and chocolate matching?
Read on to check out what brews you can pair your favourite chocolates with and be prepared to bring your next snacking session up to a new all-time high.

Milk chocolate

First on the list is the ever-popular crowd favourite: Milk chocolate. Made from the main ingredients of cocoa bean, milk, sugar and cocoa butter, this variation has different levels of sweetness depending on the brand or type and pairs well with teas with a dash of cream.

Pair with: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chai 

The aroma of the chocolate perfectly complements the richness of milky black teas, striking a perfect balance on the palate to provide a well-rounded taste experience. Try teas that contain herbs or spices for an added kick of flavour.


Imperial Earl Grey from The Hillcart Tales, SGD 17.06

English Breakfast from Whittard, SGD 17.00

Indian Masala Black Tea from Udyan Tea, SGD 18.00

Dark chocolate

Encapsulating a high percentage of cocoa, dark chocolates take the cake for being the most intense nibble in terms of bitterness among all other types. To lift the bitter taste of it, the ideal ally for dark chocolates will be refreshing teas with a zest of citrus and mint.

Pair with: Ceylon Black Tea, Mint Tea, Earl Grey

Bite off a small piece of dark chocolate before you sip on these crisp fruity teas to enhance the robust nature of dark chocolate and the density of the cocoa flavour ; we guarantee you’ll enjoy every second of digging into those cubes of munchies.


Ceylon Cinnamon Blend from Rhymba Hills, SGD 23.00

Yuzu Sencha Teabag from Chill Tea Tokyo, SGD 27.00

Yue Zhong Gui Oolong Tea from Parchmen & Co., SGD 17.00

White chocolate

For those of you accustomed to caffeine-free snacks, you are bound to be familiar with the delectable white chocolate which consists mainly of milk, sugar and cocoa butter. White chocolates may be really satiating but too much of it can also get heavy quickly. Hence, to wash down the cloying sweetness, match them with teas with superior astringency and fragrant roasty notes.

Pair with: Medium Roasted Oolong tea, Jasmine Green, Hojicha

With the earthiness from the tea to even out the sugary peaks of white chocolate, this contrasting combination helps to mellow out the intensity of both foods, creating a more united and complex taste.


Kuki-Hojicha from Antea Social, SGD 10.00

All Day Breakfast (Jasmine Green Tea) from The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., SGD 20.00

Hojicha Dark Roast Green Tea from The Tea Shelf, SGD 12.00

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