TEA-RAPY READ: A Guide On How To Socialise again

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For the introvert who requires a lot of time alone to regain energy, the previous months of limited social interaction during the early circuit breaker has been like a respite of sorts, ridding us of the awkwardness of desynchronized face-to-face conversations and the attendant withering regret that will haunt us before we go to bed.

Alas, as we begin to enter the third week of phase two, more of us will eventually be going back to familiar social spheres — family dinners, business meetings, date nights, etc.

This feeling of seeing people in the flesh is undeniably a welcome relief from zoom fatigue and extended on-screen time, especially so for most of our extroverted friends who have been counting down since phase one. However, for those who enjoy the sweetness of solitude or lost touch with in-person communication, as the end of the social restrictions looms near, they are – unfortunately – besieged by the pressure of relearning how to manage the energies of various crowds again. It is perfectly natural to feel a little disoriented and hesitant about returning to these circles.

To help you ease your way into your next tête-à-tête, we did the reading in your stead and handpicked several important tips.

Start small

Regardless of the party, it’s always a good bet to begin with small talk. Simple overtures like a warm greeting, staying updated on each other’s lives, learning about everyone’s newest obsession, and laughing at mildly inappropriate memes together can re-establish the chemistry between people and ease into comfortable dialogue.

Attention please

Once you are back in sync with your buddies, the conversations may pivot to more personal, emotional, or potentially controversial topics. And while venturing in these deeper waters, your non-verbal cues will be manifest; something we haven’t had to worry about in the months prior since our attention is mostly directed at a screen.

So as a quick revision on the to-dos of a great listener, always:

  • Remember to face the speaker or lean towards them
  • Make adequate eye contact
  • Give appropriate verbal affirmations

Be mindful

Of course, different people may have their take on this but the rule of thumb is to stay present and focused during the conversation. After all, nothing feels better than having someone empathize with us, from our weird quirks and cravings to those random moments of existential crisis.

Always a good time for tea

Lastly, if you are not ready to leave the comfort of home (just yet), why not consider hosting them with a hot cuppa or two. Not only are teas healthy and delicious, but the warmth can also help increase feelings of comfort, inclusion, and happiness, making tea the perfect choice of beverage to accompany a wholesome stay-at-home gathering.

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