Bon Appétea: Your exquisite guide to tea and chocolate pairing

This is our version of an idyllic afternoon break: to be comfortably ensconced with a warm cup of fine loose-leaf tea, sipping, and then savoring a small bite of chocolate as it melts on your tongue like velvet.

There is an art to chocolate and tea pairing, though. The chemistry between them happens between their many similar characteristics, from floral, fruity or nutty aromas through to levels of astringency. After a few careful tastings, we have come up with a guide for your next delectation.

Matcha + White Chocolate

Matcha has a deep umami character that carries the creamy and sweet quality of white chocolate very well, which makes it a familiar marriage in confections. We recommend pairing it with an exotic choice like Fossa Chocolate’s White Sesame & Seaweed Blond instead. This luscious bar’s savouriness from roasted white sesame seeds and dried seaweed adds a depth to the tasting notes of a premium matcha.



Black Tea + Dark Chocolate

The distinctively bold and intense flavour of a Ceylon black tea can cut through the sharper aroma of artisanal dark chocolate with a zesty profile, to enhance its sweetness. We recommend pairing it with Sucre’s Aurora – a handcrafted organic farm-to-bar 70% cacao chocolate that has an exquisite Bergamot top note – with a classic blend like Kindred Teas’ Earl Grey blend to evoke an afternoon sojourn in an orchard garden.


Pu’er + Sea Salt Chocolate

A creamy and fine sea salt Chocolate like Fossa’s can trigger your palate and enrich the complementing flavours of the tea you enjoy it with. An interesting choice to counterpoint the salty and sweet flavour would be a ripe Pu’er with a charming aged aroma and layered characteristics that tastes like a mellow liquor. Pick something premium like Infusion-de-vie’s Renew.



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