#BonAppetea: Replenish + Pink Himalayan Pili Nuts

While we all enjoy our indulgences (such as an afternoon tea of tea and rich, creamy cheese), we can’t live like that all the time. All things should be had in moderation, including our food indulgences. But healthy living doesn’t mean we have to live a life of deprivation. Today’s tea pairing combines two healthy foods for a delicious yet healthy afternoon tea break:

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For foods, we’ve fallen in love with Pili Pusher’s Himalayan Pink Salt Pili nuts. Pili nuts hail from the Philippines and are an amazing source of magnesium, potassium, calcium, and protein, making them a modern-day superfood. They also have a delicate buttery taste and crumble in your mouth; when flavoured with a little Himalayan pink salt, these nuts are incredibly addictive and make for a fantastic midday snack.

In order not to overpower the taste of the pili nuts, we’ve decided to pair it with Infusion-de-vie’s Replenish, a blend of honeysuckle, red dates, and snow fungus. Infusion-de-vie’s blends are free from any preservatives or additives, which mean that this blend is naturally sweetened by its ingredients, also known to pack a ton of health benefits.

This sweet and salty pairing works because salt is a natural flavour enhancer, helping to enhance the sweetness of Replenish without taking away the delicate flavours of the pili nuts and tea.

Do you have any healthy and tasty pairings that you love? Let us know and we’ll try them out!

Featured items: 

Himalayan Pink Salt Pili Nuts (Pili Pushers), $7.90 for 45g pouch
Replenish (Infusion-de-vie), $24 for 50g

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