3 Must-have Teas for the Office

You may not know this, but tea is an excellent drink to help you stay focused. The tea leaf contains both caffeine – which keeps you alert, and theanine – which makes you relaxed. These two components come together to create a state of calm, focused alertness, which is ideal for when you want to achieve a flow state.

That said, not all teas have the same amount of caffeine, and here at teapasar, we’ve come up with the following tea recommendations for various work scenarios:

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In general, white tea is made using the buds and young leaves of the tea plant. This also happens to be the part of the tea that has the highest percentage of caffeine. If you need the maximum amount of caffeine possible, you should be drinking the higher grades of white teas, which are made either mainly, or solely, from the buds of tea. In other words, higher quality teas not only have better taste, they will also give you a bigger boost of energy.

teapasar has a wide selection of white teas, but a classic would be the Yinzhen Baihao. If you want a more modern version, try this jasmine-flavoured white tea.

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Even after brewing tea, a lot of the caffeine and theanine remain inside the leaves. If you want to reap all the benefits of both caffeine and theanine for maximum focus, you need to imbibe the whole leaf – and that means drinking matcha. Because matcha is powdered tea made from the tea leaf, you get to drink all the parts of the tea that normally get thrown away, thus increasing your concentration. If you don’t believe us, look to the monks. Traditionally, monks have drunk matcha to improve their concentration.

For a hit of pure matcha, try Matchaya’s Premium Matcha Powder. If you’d prefer something a little sweeter, this Matcha + Vanilla blend will be right up your alley!

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If you would like more of the relaxing theanine but less caffeine, you need a tea that is made mainly with the stems of the tea plant, where there is more theanine but less caffeine. One delicious tea made from the stems of the tea plant is kukicha, also known as boucha. Kukicha has a sweet, nutty taste that makes it approachable even for people new to tea.

teapasar has a delicious kukicha flavoured with yuzu – perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.

As you can see, these are just broad categories. Everyone will have their own preference, and we highly encourage you to browse through the teapasar collection to find your next favourite go-to tea for work. If you already have a favourite, share it with us in the comments!

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