What’s In A Name?


Despite what Juliet says, names often bring with it meaning and teapasar is no exception.


The ‘tea’ part is self-explanatory. We are a group of tea lovers with at least one member crossing the line into ‘tea addict’. Sharing good quality tea with everyone is our mission and we make sure that all partners on our marketplace share the same passion.

‘Pasar’ is a lot more interesting. The first definition of ‘pasar’ comes from the Malay word meaning ‘market’, and that’s what teapasar is. We are an online marketplace, connecting tea farmers and brand owners to tea lovers from all around the world. There’s also another meaning to the word ‘pasar’. It comes from the Vulgar Latin word ‘passare’, which means ‘to pass, step, walk’. In other words, we want to break down traditional routes-to-market by bridging the gap between tea merchants and tea drinkers globally. We aim to be more than just a marketplace, rather, we aim to connect tea lovers to a plethora of trusted and authenticated tea brands, and to spearhead the beginnings of a robust tea community globally.

This is who we are. We are not only the go-to tea marketplace, we’re your friends who would like to share with you some amazing tea from some of the world’s best tea brands.

“Pass (N.1).” Index, http://www.etymonline.com/word/pass.

A multi-brand tea marketplace, powered by taste matching technology - for, and by, tea lovers.

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